Breed of Our Own


In A breed of our own featuring Pawz4life is a small business aimed at bringing a smile of those cherished memories every family and pet owners face when they see their stunning portraits. Our Goal, superior customer service and satisfaction will take dedication on the part of all staff members and vendors. The vision manifests its self in three ways:

  1. Produce the same outstanding quality results time after time.
  2. Become recognized as the top pet photographer in the East Coast
  3. Be Steadfast to our commitment to our customer service and satisfaction
  4. Show the Love and Bond between Pet and Owner. Pets are family also.

Our key to success will be providing high quality portraits, quality portrait Apparel at competitive pricing, and excellent customer service as our hallmark.

The Business

In A breed of our own featuring Pawz4Life will operate as LLC, currently we have only two employees. Bobby Johnson is the President and Photographer; Michelle Torres will be the Marketing manager. The company has plans to expand to a full time operation within the next three years.

Bobby Johnson has been managing and capturing images in photography for over 20 years. In Focus is owned 100% by Bobby Johnson

The purposes of the business is the capture the essence of the family and pets and create a product(s) they will cherish for a life time

The company is currently established as home operated business that shoots on location. It is the intention of the company to develop sales and broaden client base so as to be full—time business. Infocus will offer a full range of custom portraits packages. Portraits sessions are available in either the studio setting or the comfort of the clients’ home or at location of event. The owner serves as the head photographer, and requires one assistant. Paw4LIFE is invested in the community and will give a percentage of sales to benefit the Humane Society.  Pawz4life will also provide and help in funding awards for local dog and cat shelters and specialty shows.

The Company’s current goals are to build the business to a profitable status that will equal and exceed our current income levels. Delivery great product and superior customer service.          

Being a Photographer means having an intimate relationship with your clients and images. In Focus will be “focused “on what the client needs and what will make other clients say wow.  Our Mission statement: We strive to capture the love that is shared between Pet owners  and their pet .  We call it “Show Your Love

Bobby Johnson –Bio

Meet Bobby Johnson, a man whose ritualistic love for cuddly, winsome pets inspired the foundation of A Breed Of Our Own, an eCommerce site entirely devoted to love by giving a portion of its sales to shelters and adoption organizations that need some financial care. Furthermore, Bobby is a caring pet dad who sells feel-good wearables known as “Hooman Wear” for us and our meows and whoofs.