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Our Story – Simply described we are an ecommerce base company featuring our brand we call

Hooman Wear

Hooman wear is feel good wearable fashion statement. We combine fashion, photography, and the love we have for us Pets. We call this the Purrfect way to show your love. A Breed of Own wants to share the unique qualities each pet possesses along with some of their fun facts about their personalities.

Example. Midnight- Loves Fresh Sheets, and his lion cut, but hates Pate cat food! Yuk

What is your relationship with your Pet? Are they family? Spoiled? Is your pet a special Breed?

Do they have special talents (skateboard, surf, model, sleep)?

We know our pets have their own personality and temperament

That is why we named the company:

A Breed of Our Own

While you are here on the website, show your love, and tell us why your pet is


A Breed of their Own.


At A Breed of Our Own our mission for you to show your love and share a smile with our Hooman wear apparel. Our company will be donating a percentage of our sales to shelters and adoption agencies that need assistance. This is our version of sharing the love.

So please raise you Pawz and give us a Hooman hand.


The initiative behind A Breed Of Our Own speaks volumes. Loving them and the products they offer are really good!!



Wow! Just wow, I ordered a paw necklace for my pet dog, which surprisingly was good enough to fit her. Thinking of ordering a fleece shirt for her soon.


Jeremiah Collins

Their service is timely. I ordered a sweet-looking shirt for my girlfriend, and she loved it.



At A Breed of our own, we’re deeply committed to helping shelters and rescues find forever homes for every pet. You can help us make an even greater impact by purchasing items with your pet on it. Our patron created followings through the Wish List program or adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue near you.